The Judy Boho Top - how I created the surreal artwork


Thanx for taking a moment to read my post about creating the surreal artwork used for the promotion of our Judy Boho Top. 

To showcase our products in a creative an interesting way, I try to think about the main idea behind the garment, and then look for inspirational art, images and photography that triggers something about that main idea.. 

For instance. The Judy Boho Top is a bohemian (nature?) style top, made from natural fibres (nature, earth..) and has a ditzy floral contrast print. So it definitely makes one tuned into nature, but I don't want to be obvious so I would not really gravitate towards her running in a field etc. 

I love Pinterest, so I scroll through there and see what catches my eye, touches that part; nature, natural, flowers..

Also, the general mood of my artworks is Surrealism, so looking through some Surrealist Art helps as a guide to how I can modify my model to become an artwork. 

Currently i like using my product shot model, and change her head/face into someone or something else. It helps to keep some ideas consistent throughout the artworks - I become quite creative within the boundaries and it looks more cohesive. 

Starting with my basic photograph, unedited;

I find some interesting inspiration to enhance the idea behind the garment - i liked the background in nature of the below image.

 And the Surrealist Art with flowers and birds also instantly struck a cord;

I really love birds and flowers, so the above ideas really appealed. Chopping the head feels very edgy to me, thus that made it less 'pretty'.

Finding birds and flowers to cut out on Photoshop is part of the fun. And find a face with a great feature - I really liked her lips. 

Then put them all together.. remove the colour from her skin to make it more interesting and edgy, and so that the lips will 'pop' more. 

Finally, remove the current model from the forest background and put my girl there.. with a tweak to the overall colour of the forest to make it more surreal.. 

It does take quite a bit of playing around as I don't necessarily know what the image should look like in the end.. I just play around until something looks right! For this image I also toyed with the idea of a butterfly in front of the face... but felt it looked quite 'junior'. 


That's it! I look forward to sharing more behind the scenes. Check out our Youtube channel for some clips on the production of the Judy Boho Top.



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