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  • Masking

    Image credit:  “The Fair Nun Unmasked” by Henry Robert Morland Impenetrable I may smile when I’m feeling quite friendly,I may laugh when I’m feeling amused;I will lift up a brow when I’m skeptical,And I’ll furrow my brow when confused. But too often there comes an emotionOr a thought I don’t wi... View Post
  • Casual Sophistication

    lace black satin and lace a slow, smooth taste the moon smiles down on what it found Poem by Jo Bien Our new Lace Jacket; Sophisticated for week or weekend. Lace gives this bomber a sophisticated feel that makes it both we... View Post
  • Lavishly

    A lavish life is a life spent in a beautiful rhythm causing everyone to dance to the sweet melody you emit..   What you think, you become What you feel, you attract What you imagine, you create   View Post